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About Us

Our goal is a friendly, diverse, and thriving Waltham.


Downtown Waltham Partnership's goal is a downtown that is friendly, diverse, safe, sustainable, and thriving. To accomplish this, DWP promotes the downtown as a vibrant cultural, retail, and entertainment destination reflecting the best of this diverse community.

We also initiate and encourage volunteer efforts to improve the city's commercial district, and work to preserve Waltham's historical buildings and enhance its natural resources.


Do you live, work, or shop in downtown Waltham?


We invite you to join us!


Downtown Waltham is a destination for many fine restaurants, unique shops, and varied entertainment. It’s also a mecca for museums, educational offerings, and cultural non profits.


Look below the surface, and you will see remnants of Waltham’s proud historic past while the present includes a rich mix of today’s multi-faceted community. Downtown Waltham offers the visitor an authentic experience of a contemporary urban setting that celebrates its ethnic diversity, historic layers, and cultural vibrancy.

Board of Directors

Lisa Lorgeree

Doug Waybright

Alice Taylor

Melissa Honig

Joe Niedbala

Mike Colomba

Daria Gere

Bob Perry

Molyna Richards

Scotti O’Connor

Cheryl Marcou

Patsy Deveaux

Sarah Hankins

Jamie York

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